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2018 Edition 4

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Here are some snippets for the year's most memorable efforts by some of the organizations. Click here to Read

From Our D&I Leaders

The Z Lingo Guide

To create a welcoming environment for Gen Z, may I present below a quick language guide…

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Disability Inclusion - What we can do as an individual and as an Organization? center

Disintegration limits our thoughts and rather than focusing upon the accessible society we end up sympathizing with disabilities and don’t even look to the person behind disabilities.…

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The journey from She to He

He also knew that his company did not have a diversity policy. He could lose his job -his only source of earning.…

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Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality

This year’s theme focuses on empowering persons with disabilities for the inclusive, equitable and sustainable development agenda of SDG 2030. The agenda pledges to “leave no one behind”...…

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In The News

Travis Alabanza: The non-binary artist battling transphobia with burgers
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What Victoria's Secret Can Teach Companies About Diversity And Inclusion
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Transgender, indigenous contestants in historic Miss Universe pageant
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Disability Pride - a movement whose time has come?
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The transgender identity remains lost in translation
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How Diversity Officers Change Corporate Culture
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D&I Room

Photo of Leslie



Photo of Leslie

Hello to our Employee of the Month – Narayan Murthy. Narayan is a Process Owner at an MNC and has been working in his current organization for 11 years now. As an employee with cerebral palsy, we naturally had a few questions for him. Brimming with energy and a never-fading smile Narayan answers all our questions. Hope that you enjoy reading/hearing what he has to say..

So, hello to our Employee of the Month – Narayan Murthy

The aim of this section is to know a little more of each other in the community. *If you are an employee with disability and would want to share a few words about yourself with our readers, please write to us at

Hi Narayan. Are you from Bangalore?

Hello! Yes, I am from Bangalore.

What made you stay in Bangalore and What do you like about Bangalore?

I am born and bought up in Bangalore. I just love the weather here. I am here from my childhood and can’t think of any other place

Talking about work, what do you do here in Bangalore?

I work for Target as an Imaging Artist. 

Do you like your job? What is it that you like most about your work?

Yes, I love my job. What I like most about my work is the culture of the company.

Is there anything you would like to say/share with other Persons with Disability who are looking for work or are already working?

First thing, believe in yourself. Have a ‘can do’ attitude and give your 100% efforts. Everything else will fall in place.

As an employee with Disability, what is it that you like about your work?

The people around me, most importantly my team, they treat me as they would treat any other. It makes me feel good – to be one among all. That’s what I always wished for.

How has your organization, peers, colleagues been helpful or not so helpful?

The company believes that I can deliver what it needs. It has given me everything I need – else, I wouldn’t have stayed here for 11 years J My colleagues have always been there for me – whenever I needed any help.

How do you see yourself in the future – Goals, aspirations?

I joined the organization as a contractor, then as a full-time employee. Now I am Process owner. I want to handle many more people and scale up to the next level as a manager and then achieve much higher levels.

D&I Room



Amar admitted to being gay.

Sheila is deaf and dumb.

She changed her sex last year.

We promoted an Asian employee to the new managerial role..

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Answer: SPOT the ERRORS

Ans-1. Amar is openly gay. |Ans-2. Sheila is deaf. | Ans-3.The chairperson will attend the meeting. | Ans-4. She began transitioning last year.| Ans-5.We promoted an employee to the new managerial role.