Inclusion in Action
Equip Your Team for an Accessible Corporate Environment
Inclusion in Action
Inclusion in Action
Access For All
Create a Nurturing Environment for all Students
Access For All
Access For All
Thriving Futures
Tailored Livelihood Training for Adults with Disabilities
Thriving Futures
Thriving Futures
Empowering Families
Specialized Care and Support For Your Child's Early Development
Empowering Families
Empowering Families
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Make a Difference


Why Volunteer?

  • Impactful Work: Directly benefit local causes.
  • Team Unity: Foster collaboration and team spirit.
  • Social Responsibility: Enhance your corporate image.

Get Involved: Partner with us for flexible, customized volunteering opportunities. Contact us today!

Why GiftAbled

1 billion people across ​the world live with some ​form of disability - World Health Organization​
90% of Children with ​Disabilities in developing ​countries do not attend ​school - UNESCO​

Supplier Diversity

Corporate Gifts with IMPACT

Support artisans with disabilities by choosing unique, handcrafted corporate gifts.

Why Choose Us?

  • Diverse Suppliers: Promote inclusivity and support talented artisans.
  • Social Responsibility: Make a positive impact with every purchase.

Get Started: Elevate your corporate gifting with meaningful, artisan-crafted products. Contact us to learn more!

Community Members


Empowering Talents with Disabilities

For PwDs: Job Opportunities & Skill Development: Connect with inclusive employers and access career training.

For Corporates: Recruit Talent & Inclusive Hiring: Find skilled candidates and adopt inclusive practices.

Join Us: Unlock potential with EmployAbility. Start your journey today!

Our Partners are Pioneering an Inclusive Workforce. Here are a Few of Them!

Transforming Inclusion

Gamification is revolutionizing disability inclusion by making learning engaging and interactive. Through fun and challenging games, we promote awareness and understanding, fostering a more inclusive environment for all.

Interactive Learning: Try our fun quiz to test your knowledge on disability inclusion and learn more through play.

Know how we can help your business build a truly inclusive strategy