This initiative is aimed at empowering rural individuals, ​particularly persons with disabilities, caretakers, acid ​attack survivors, transgender individuals, underprivileged ​individuals, and single women. By providing them with ​relevant employable skills, we aim to make them self-​sufficient and economically independent.

In collaboration with local resource training centers, our ​program focuses on delivering disability and region-​specific skill-based training. This training not only ​enhances their employability but also creates livelihood ​opportunities for them and their caretakers.

The main objective of this program is to enhance the ​quality of life for these marginalized groups. We achieve ​this by offering life skills programs, conducting workshops ​on disability laws, and providing training to improve their ​marketing and financial knowledge. Through these ​initiatives, we aspire to empower these individuals and ​enable them to lead more fulfilling lives.

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Svastya is committed to reaching underserved ​communities, especially children and women, in the most ​remote rural areas of our country. By establishing our ​presence in these regions, we aim to bridge the gap in ​healthcare access.

Our approach is guided by the principles outlined by the ​World Health Organization (WHO) in community-based ​rehabilitation and the International Classification of ​Functioning. These principles ensure that our services are ​not only accessible but also tailored to meet the unique ​needs of the communities we serve.

At Svastya, we believe that everyone deserves access to ​quality healthcare, regardless of their location or ​circumstances. By focusing on children and women in ​rural areas, we are working towards creating a healthier ​and more equitable society for all.


GiftAbled is currently offering over 10 courses tailored for ​youth with disabilities. With participation from more than ​500 persons with disabilities (PwDs), these courses cover ​both technical and non-technical subjects.

Our primary goal is to create a trained cadre of youth with ​disabilities equipped with skill sets that align with industry ​requirements. All our classes are accessible for people with ​disabilities.

These courses are open to students from all over India and ​will be conducted in English, ensuring a broad reach and ​inclusivity.

Impact Stories

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Aneeta’s journey is a testament to ​the power of resilience and ​determination. Despite facing ​numerous challenges, she has ​emerged as a beacon of positivity ​and creativity. Through her work . ​Aneeta has not only honed her ​craft but has also become an ​inspiration to others. With every ​stitch, she weaves dreams into ​reality, turning adversity into ​triumph. Her creations are more ​than just garments; they are ​symbols of strength and perseverance, reflecting Aneeta’s ​unwavering spirit and her ability ​to overcome obstacles. Aneeta’s ​story reminds us that with ​determination and passion, ​anything is possible.

Dhanalakshmi’s journey is a remarkable tale of transformation and resilience. She has not only perfected the art of tailoring but has also discovered a new sense of purpose and creativity. With every stitch, she creates a narrative of hope and possibility, transforming ordinary fabric into works of art. Through her craft, Dhanalakshmi not only empowers herself but also inspires others in her community. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and the transformative impact of pursuing one’s passion.

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Dhanalakshmi’s journey is a ​remarkable tale of transformation ​and resilience. She has not only ​perfected the art of tailoring but ​has also discovered a new sense of ​purpose and creativity. With every ​stitch, she creates a narrative of ​hope and possibility, transforming ​ordinary fabric into works of art. ​Through her craft, Dhanalakshmi ​not only empowers herself but ​also inspires others in her ​community. Her story is a ​testament to the power of ​determination and the ​transformative impact of pursuing ​one’s passion.

Making CSR Projects
​Inclusive(Disability Compliant)

GiftAbled recognizes that over a billion dollars are invested annually in CSR projects for various ​causes. However, we understand that many of these projects are not disability-friendly due to a ​lack of awareness.

At GiftAbled, we are committed to changing this. We want to ensure that all projects, whether they ​focus on education, sanitation, health, or culture, are accessible to people with disabilities.

Imagine the impact we can make! By making these projects disability-friendly, we enable persons ​with disabilities in local communities to access and benefit from the assets created.

GiftAbled offers a unique service: we vet projects for various causes to ensure they are disability-​friendly. By working with both corporations and non-profit organizations, we make their projects ​more inclusive and accessible to all. Let’s create a world where everyone can participate and thrive!