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CSR Impact Project

About GiftAbled Foundation

GiftAbled Foundation was formed in 2013 as a Public Charitable Trust. Due to their physical limitations, People with Disabilities may not fit into typical social norms or silos. GiftAbled sets out to build a community of like-minded people and a society that is welcoming to People with Disabilities. We have developed a number of services with this goal in mind in order to give People with Disabilities more control over important aspects of their lives

CSR Impact Projects

Project Svastya-Health of Children and Women with Disabilities

Svastya aims to bridge the gap with its presence to provide services mainly to Children and Women, even to the most rural areas of our country.

Our approach is based on the guiding principle of WHO’s community based rehabilitation and international classification of functioning.

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Project Sculpt- Inclusive and Integrated education for Children with Disabilities

The goal of Sculpt is to close the knowledge gaps and make it possible for children with disabilities to participate fully to be integrated in the mainstream learning ecosystem.

We are aligned to the National Education Policy 2020.

Project LearnAbled – Virtual courses for PwD with Graduates.

GiftAbled running 10 plus virtual crash courses for Youth with Disabilities and 500 plus PwDs are undergone tech & non-tech courses. Primarily our objective and focus are to create a trained cadre of youth with disabilities with skill sets matching with industry requirements. And all classes are accessible for People with Disabilities.

Students from across India can join the course and the course will be conducted inEnglish language.


Project Swatantra -Skilling & Livelihood of People with Disabilities

Is an attempt to make rural Persons with Disabilities and their caretakers, acid attack victims, transgenders, underprivileged and single women self-sufficient and economically independent by giving them relevant employable skills, in partnership with local resource training centers.

The main aim of this program is to provide them with employable skills and enhance the quality of their lives, through life skills programs.

Impact Stories

Meet Chandana, a child with ASD the mother shares her child’s improvement after therapy. Her behavior has improved a lot, and she has started to comprehend and ask questions on her own. She speaks with more clarity and meaningfully. Her mother says she loves attending therapy and after joining in Svastya, Chandana is more comfortable in different surroundings.

I am Lavanya. I got an offer from Verizon Data services. The Java course and HackerRank live coding were helpful courses that led me to get a job. The training helped me to overcome the fear of coding. The trainers are excellent. They teach us everything from scratch with better examples to understand the concepts. The live assessments at the end of the session helped me to evaluate myself. My sincere gratitude to GiftAbled for all the efforts in imparting quality training to Students with Disabilities.

My name is Ananthram. I am physically handicapped. I am a resident of the village of Samada, Balrampur. Before joining the GiftAbled Foundation, I used to work in the fields and had no income. For the last 2 months, I have worked at GiftAbled Foundation making bags. Before, I didn't know how to thread a needle and hold scissors. After training, I now cut and stitch the cloth for bags by myself. For this, I would like to thank the GiftAbled Foundation a lot.


Making CSR Projects Inclusive(Disability Compliant)

GiftAbled realizes that more than a billion dollars every year goes into CSR project for different causes.We also know that most of these projects are not disbaled friendly due to lack of awareness.

We at GiftAbled want to address this and ensure that all the projects irrespective of cause,whether it is in Education,sanitation,health and cultural are made disabled friendly allocated for the project.But it will have a huge impact as PwD in the local community will be able to reach out and utilize the assets been created as part of these projects.GiftAbled provides service where in projects of different causes will be vetted to make the proposals disabled friendly to respected corporate or non-profits.