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From Our D&I Leaders

The I in Inclusion

With Diversity & Inclusion becoming a part of everyday conversation, it becomes important to understand the intent. Everyone wants to be treated fairly and equally, access to equal opportunities,


Accessing Accessibility to be Truly-Inclusive

'Diversity and Inclusion' have become a commonplace term in our society - it comes up when organizations want to build a better workplace culture or want to stand out as a brand that represents all…

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D&I Room

Photo of Leslie




Bhargav is an amazing individual with working with a large organization.We had a few questions for him, and this is what he had to say. Bhargav is also blind. The aim of this section is to know a little more of each-other in the community.

So, hello to our Employee of the Month – Bhargav

The aim of this section is to know a little more of each-other in the community. *If you are an employee with disability and would want to share a few words about yourself with our readers, please write to us at

Hi Bhargav. Are you from Bangalore?

NO, I am from Gujarat.

Then why did you shift here?

 I am interested in the IT sector and Bengaluru is the hub of IT so to get better opportunities, I shifted here.

Which is your hometown? Please tell us something about your native place 

I am from a city named Mendarda - it is close to The Gir Forest which is famous for Asiatic Lions.

What do you like about Bangalore?

  I like gardens which is there around the city.

What is it that you do not like about Bangalore?

I like Bangalore

How do you see yourself in the future? Goals, aspirations?

One of my goals is to create equal opportunity for PwDs in terms of education & career growth and to make the digital world better by making it more accessible.

Talking about work, what do you do here in Bangalore?

Currently, I work as a Software engineer at TEKsystems.

When you are not working, how do you spend your time doing?

I spend time in learning new skills, exploring new technology and watching movies. Also, I do volunteer activity with Vision-Aid where I mentor the blind and visually impaired individuals in python programming class.

How has your team/friends/peers been instrumental to your work-life?

My teammates are very supportive and very friendly. We all work together - learn from each other and enjoy the work.

 How has your company and your managers helped you in your professional growth?

My company and manager always guides me to right direction and helps me to get the required training.

What is it about the company that you like or dislike?

I love to work with my colleague and the accessible infrastructure which helps me to move around independently.

Do you like your job? What is it that you like about it the most?

The responsibility given to me at work is good. I like it.

D&I Room




Hashi committed suicide.

Shikha’s friend is a homo.

Country XYZ has a huge no. of shemale population.

The summer camp is also open for handicapped children.

Rama suffers from schizophrenia.

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comdeian with disability
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Answer: SPOT the ERRORS

Ans-1. Hashi died by suicide. | Ans-2. Shikha’s friend is a gay man/lesbian woman (as the case may be). | Ans-3. Country XYZ has a huge no. of transgender person population. | Ans-4. The summer camp is also open for children with disability. | Ans-5. Rama has/is living with schizophrenia.