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edition 2 2018

Inclusion Times


Exclusive:  In conversation with Ashok Pamidi, Senior Director & Lead D&I Initiatives, NASSCOM

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D&I Room

Photo of Leslie



Bhanu Priya

We first met Banupriya who is working in a multinational company here in Bangalore, in a language class. She looked quite happy and eager to prove herself. She is so quick in talking in Sign Language that it's very difficult for us to catch up. We had to constantly remind her to slow down as we were not as adept in Sign Language as she was.
She is always smiling and ever enthusiastic. So, when we started this section, her’s was the 1st face that crossed our minds. We had a few questions for her, and this is what she has to say. The aim of this section is to know a li’l more of each-other in the community.

So, hello to our Employee of the Month – Banupriya

The aim of this section is to know a little more of each-other in the community. *If you are an employee with disability and would want to share a few words about yourself with our readers, please write to us at

Hi ..Are you from Bangalore?

Hello.. Yes, I am from Bangalore, Karnataka.

What made you stay in Bangalore after your education? 

I enrolled in a certificate course for job applications.

What do you like about Bangalore ?

Bangalore has an amazing fleet of people. Local people are very helpful and so are the others who hail from different part of the country. The city has malls in nearly all the localities. Also, Amusement parks – I love WonderLa.

What is it that you do not like about Bangalore?

  A few things: a) Go to office battling the nightmarish traffic and heat. I reach late almost every day. b) cost of living is enormously high; c) People’s sense of driving on the road is less than average. Bangalore is a good place to get a job and settle.

What is it that you do not like about Bangalore?

I like Bangalore

Talking about work, what do you do here in Bangalore?

I work in accounts for a multinational company –Capgemini.

Do you like your job? what is it that you like about it the most?

Yes, I like my job. I get to work with a lot of very interesting and smart people and get to communicate with my colleagues in Sign Language which is great. I hang out with my colleagues. Its great fun.

What is it about the company, that you like or dislike?

Capgemini is a great place to start a career. I like working here. My company has made a lot of effort to make me feel at home. I have learned a lot here. It has given me great friends.

When you are not working, what do you spend your time doing?

Hang-out with friends, spend time with family.

How do you see yourself in the future? Goals , aspirations ?

I see myself growing into a supervisory role and successful promotions next 5 years where I will be able to use my skills and influence others.

D&I Room




We hired 10 disabled people this week.

Shikha’s friend is a homo.

Ram is afflicted with epilepsy.

Invite your boyfriend or husband to the party.

I need people manning the counter on the event day.

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Answer: SPOT the ERRORS

Ans-1. We hired 10 Persons with Disability this week./Ans-2. Ram has epilepsy./Ans-3. Employees should read their induction kit carefully./Ans-4. Invite your spouse or partner to the party./Ans-5. I need people staffing the counter on the event day.