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2018 edition 3

Inclusion Times


Sowjanya Reddy

Exclusive: In conversation with Sowjanya Reddy, HR Head, India, HP  


From Our D&I Leaders

Why Inclusion Matters!

This paradigm shift combined with expectations of diverse groups and customers is pushing organizations to revisit their work culture…


How to be a responsible ally

As an ally, at the risk of “making it awkward”, you do need to call out such behavior and address the language. Words matter…


A Story of Intel’s Successful Employee Volunteering Program

For the last four years, the team consistently won the Social Initiative Contest and received funding to start four more projects…


Diversity Hiring: The Common Pitfalls – Part 3

The usual tendency is to run only peer-level sensitization workshop to orient the immediate team to work with the PWD.…

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Who is the man in your relationship?

Seemingly harmless, these thoughts and statements tend to accumulate over time and have harmful consequences on the individuals of the group it’s inflicted on….…………


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D&I Room

Photo of Leslie




We first met Ratna at a workshop. She is always smiling and eager to learn more. She has so much of energy and loves to strike up a conversation. She is always smiling and ever enthusiastic. For this section of this issue, we could not think of anyone else who was more deserving. Ratna is an amazing individual and has low vision. We had a few questions for her, and this is what she had to say. The aim of this section is to know a li’l more of each-other in the community.
So, hello to our Employee of the Month – RathnaPanchapeet

The aim of this section is to know a little more of each other in the community. *If you are an employee with disability and would want to share a few words about yourself with our readers, please write to us at

Are you from Bangalore?

No, am not from Bangalore. I m from a village near Gowribidnur/p>

Then why did you shift here?

I shifted to Bangalore because of sustainability. I was the elder daughter of my parents. My father passed away in 2007. I needed to take care of my family. The situation forced me to shift to Bangalore.

Which is your hometown? Please tell us something about your native place

My native place is Pulaganahalli – 12 km from Gowribidnur. I was born and brought up in this calm and beautiful place. Agriculture is the main occupation of the place. But, now it’s developing – in all the ways. There are multiple colleges, schools, cement factories, etc.

What do you like about Bangalore ?

A few things: a) First and foremost, what I really like about Bangalore is how sensitive people are here. Most people I meet here are sensitive to persons with disability. People are so helpful towards people with vision impairment. Second is literacy – most people in Bangalore are literate. Also, lots of people from different places, cultures – very interesting mix

What is it that you do not like about Bangalore?

I don’t like the high population and pollution of Bangalore

Talking about work, what do you do here in Bangalore?/h5>

I work for Fortis hospitals Bannerghatta road. I m into appointment bookings.

Do you like your job ?what is it that you like about it the most ?

Yes, I am a senior now. I have accountability on escalated calls. And most patients are satisfied. I like the responsibility that my job entails.

Yes, I am a senior now. I have accountability on escalated calls. And most patients are satisfied. I like the responsibility that my job entails.

D&I Room

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1. Sita is a transgender

2. Krishna is wheelchair-bound

3. Who will man the booth at the conference?

4. My colleague’s child suffers from Autism.

5. This task requires 20 man-hours.

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Answer: SPOT the ERRORS

Ans-1. Transgender is an adjective, not a noun. Be careful not to call someone “a transgender.” You can say Sita is a transgender woman| Ans-2. Krishna uses a wheelchair | Ans-3. Who will staff the booth at the conference? | Ans-4. My colleague's child has Autism | Ans-5. This task requires 20 work-hours.