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inclusion times. 2019, edition 3

international day of the deaf


The handicap of deafness is not in the ear; it is in the mind.. Click here to Read

From Our D&I Leaders

Unconscious Biases at the Workplace

In the last part we were introduced to the issue of “Implicit” or “Unconscious” bias – a phenomenon that can manifest itself in our personal and professional lives


Change in mindset after the 6th September 2018 Verdict of SC on Sec377

“Change comes from within“–the quote does not really capture the essence on why accepting change is a difficult task for many. And the hardest to change are the mindsets, behaviors, and cultures…

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Celebrating BYOD (Bring Your Own Diversity) at GE

You do not have to fit in to belong - express your whole self…be unique, be weird, be awesome. This is the idea that defines BYOD (Bring Your Own Diversity) at GE…

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In The News

Ministry advisory on accessible public transport spooks proponents of the Disability Act

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Government education institutes ignore 4% job quota for people with disabilities

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New Bill Meant To Benefit Transgender People Is Termed Regressive

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Moving towards inclusivity, Goa notifies disabilities act in force.

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Respect a queer person's desired names, pronouns, and identity.Read More

White men and minority groups have different definitions of “sufficient” diversity

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D&I Room

Photo of Leslie




Ramitha Kulal Ganesh an amazing individual with Cerebral Palsy. We had a few questions for her, and this is what she had to say. The aim of this section is to know a little more of each-other in the community.

So, hello to our Employee of the Month –Ramitha Kulal Ganesh.

The aim of this section is to know a little more of each-other in the community. *If you are an employee with disability and would want to share a few words about yourself with our readers, please write to us at

Hi Ramitha. Are you from Bangalore?

Basically I am from Mangaluru but settled here in Bengaluru.

What do you like about Bangalore?

I like the weather, the malls, the metro, and we have very good facilities here in Bangalore. And we also have a lot of job opportunities available.

What is it that you do not like about Bangalore?

I don’t like the traffic and pollution.

Talking about work, what do you do here in Bangalore?

As soon as I complete my MCA I got placed in Dell EMC as Technical Support Engineer 2 for Enterprise Storages.

Great, do you like your job ? What is it that you like about it the most??

Yes, I like my job. I like to overcome the day -a day challenge which inspires me to work every day. It’s not at all an easy task for a person with cerebral palsy to come out of the comfort zone, travel 60kms per day to job place and work as other individual. But I like to do it with full-heartedly and enjoy my life to the fullest.This job has enabled me to lead my life independently. It has given me a new life and I have seen much improvement in me as an individual and I am growing at the same time.I am still aiming to learn much more things and build my career.

How do you see yourself in the future? Goals, aspirations ?

  In future I want to see myself as a great inspirational/motivational speaker, travel around the world with my speech. Recently, I got a chance to speak at BIMS College in Bangalore. I am also looking for more opportunity to render my speech and motivate people to live their life to the fullest and happily and say everything is possible if we believe in it. And it’s only because of my mom and my family members I could achieve in my life. I have great gratitude for all individuals in my life.

Message to the world.
  • Life is not easy but when we believe, we can and we want to do the best possible, then none can stop us
    It does not matter what you don’t have it only matters what you do with what you have.
    Having a big smile and enjoying every moment of our life, making life countable
    Do things which make us happy. And live our life to the fullest.
What is it about the company, that you like or dislike?

DellEMC as the company is very supportive of all individuals, they perform yearly programs to get a specially-abled candidate to hire and support, encourage to full fill their dream job.
For me, I have got a 100% support from all, it may be management, peers, managers, facilities, transports, etc. Any issue it will be resolved immediately.
Recently our company has collaborated with kickstart cab for true ability member.
I like the most is I got the opportunity to explore my hidden talents like singing, dancing and have won many competitions. And today I am happily giving this interview with Gift Abled team only because of the opportunity provided by DellEMC

How has your company and your manager/s helped you in your professional growth?

We here have large opportunity to aim higher and build our careers. My Manager supports me in all possible manner. Without any hesitation, I can go to him in any situation. He also supports and allows me to any co-curricular activity in the office. He also guides me in my career development at the office

How has your team/friends/peers been instrumental to your work-life?

My team is my backbone at my office, they help me not only in my cases but also in all other needy situation at any point of time. All are very supportive. When I have few events they assist in covering chats on behalf of me and also encourage me to participate in all activity.

When you are not working, how do you spend your time doing?

  I spend my free time listening and singing songs, do craft activity like making cards, accessories etc, I dance, I have created a page in Instagram page (Ramithainspires), Facebook page(Ramithainspires) and youtube channel(Ramithainspires). 

D&I Lolz

image for diversity council



1. Rama, my teammate, is wheelchair-bound.

2. Kai is a trans.

3. Lakshmi is a homosexual.

4. We are looking for a new Chairman.

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Answer: SPOT the ERRORS

1.Rama, my teammate, is a wheelchair user.. |2. Kai is a transgender person. | 3.Lakshmi is a queer. | Ans-4.We are looking for a new Chairperson.