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CSR Impact Project


About GiftAbled Foundation


While all children grow and develop in unique ways, some, experience delays in their development (physical -cognitive). Early Intervention Program Is dedicated to helping such children between aged 0-6 years

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Sessions on maternal health, menstrual health, breast cancer awareness and the likes.

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GiftAbled Foundation is making an attempt to make People with Disability self sufficient. The main aim of this program is to touch 1000 lives - enhance their quality of life through increased knowledge and skills.

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Impact Stories

Sanam says “ Gas burst, the next moment I was burnt with pain. I don’t know how I survived. I had left my son to school and just came home to start cooking for the day. Next day I opened my eyes and saw myself at hospital. My husband divorced me later, just because he couldn’t see my burnt body. I dint lose hope. I believe girls shouldn’t lose hope and challenge the situations.”

Basavaraj lives in Mundarage, a village near Koppal. “He was 4 years old when we the doctor told us that he had developmental delay.” Today, at 8 years of age, he is able to walk. “It is because of the aid, and therapy sessions that I see my son being able to walk. I am happy” Sabamma said.

Savithri Bhimappa Barker, 28 hails from a village in Koppal district. She is the mother of two beautiful children and is a care taker of her first child Chandrakala. Chandrakala is 8 years old. He has intellectual disability and is hearing impaired since birth. Savithri spent most of the time at home taking care of Chandakala and selling vegetables in the street for the survival. She learnt to stitch bags. Now Savitri stitches travel bags and sells in local market and earns a dignified living.

Making CSR Projects Inclusive (Disability Compliant)

GiftAbled realizes that more than a billion dollars every year goes into CSR project for different causes. We also know that most of these projects are not disabled friendly due to lack of awareness.

We at GiftAbled want to address this and ensure that all the projects irrespective of cause, whether it is in Education, Sanitation, Health and Cultural are made disabled friendly which will require very small proportion of the budget which is allocated for the project. But it will have a huge impact as PwD in the local community will be able to reach out and utilize the assets been created as part of these projects. GiftAbled provides service wherein projects of different causes will be vetted to make the proposals disabled friendly to respected corporate or non-profits.

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