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Make healthcare facilities available for
Women with Disabilities

Health needs of women with disability

Health of Women with Disabilities

The grassroot problem

Women with visual or hearing impairment, tend to ignore their body’s health and they are less likely to consult a gynaecologist due to social and culture stigma, cost of health care is also a reason. This makes them prone to infectious diseases.

There is a need to bridge this gap and increase the social interconnectedness for effective sustainability and health of women even those with disabilities.Unfortunately, these women are given misrepresented facts about menstrual and maternal health.

Census of 2011 recorded there are about 9.3 million Women with Disability.

Hospitals and clinics sensitization

Sensitizing hospitals and clinics

A major change needed to be inculcated in the attitudes of hospitals and healthcare clinics and this is exactly where we began our intervention. The foremost thing that needs to be done is break the communication barrier by training the medical staff on how to communicate with people with physical disabilities.

Health Sessions  & workshops for women's with disability

Sessions for Women with Disability

Partnering with the best physicians in the city along with our sign language experts, we are conducting sessions on: Menstrual Health, Maternal Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, and General Health

Volunteer Connect

For empowering women with special needs on a continuous basis, we have a volunteer connect programme. This programme incorporates trained volunteers in sign language and braille to break the communication barriers and focus on improving the overall health. These volunteers would be like a bridge between the primary stakeholders and medical staff.

Tactile Models and Videos

Tactile models are originally crafted for the visually impaired people. They can use these models to understand the human anatomy and its functions through touch. We also aim at preparing materials to educate women with hearing impairment on important healthcare methods and other issues like hygiene, general health and menstrual health.

What if a woman is a Person with Disability, she needs the same kind of healthcare and facilities equivalent to those given to any other women. As a community to make an effective change in the society, we sought to understand the challenges faced by these women and initiated some life changing projects to resolve the issue.

CSR Grants: Company CSR can take up the project of creating awareness among 1000, where they can cover all the aspects of health from perspective of women with disability.

Volunteer participation: Women volunteers can participate and conduct sessions AND OTHER ACTIVITY BASED FUN LEARNING PROGRAMS TO GIVE SOMETHING BACK YOU THE SOCIETY YOU CAME FROM.

To impact through CSR Partnerships: Download Concept Note