Welcome to GiftAbled, Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) engagements are designed to help organizations embrace the power of diversity and create inclusive workplaces where all individuals can thrive. Our mission is to support organizations in building a culture that values and celebrates the unique perspectives and talents of every employee.

Why Choose Our D&I Engagements?

Expertise and Experience

With 10 years of experience in the field of D&I, our team of seasoned professionals brings extensive knowledge and expertise to guide organizations through their D&I journey. We have partnered with numerous clients across industries, delivering impactful engagements and driving positive change.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each organization is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. Our D&I engagements are fully customized to address your organization’s specific needs, culture, and objectives. We work closely with you to develop tailored strategies that align with your vision and drive sustainable change.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our engagements begin with a thorough assessment of your organization’s current state of D&I. We examine your policies, practices, and culture, and conduct in-depth interviews and surveys to gain insights into employee experiences. this assessment serves as the foundation for developing targeted solutions.

Holistic Approach

Our engagements take a holistic approach, addressing multiple facets of diversity and helping organizations foster an inclusive environment that embraces all aspects of human diversity.This assessment serves as the foundation for assessment developing targeted solutions.

The partners we work with are leading the way, creating an INCLUSIVE WORKFORCE. Here are few of them!

Our D&I Engagement Services

Training and Education

We partner with your organization’s leadership to develop a comprehensive D&I strategy aligned with your mission and goals. Our experts help you set measurable objectives, establish accountability frameworks, and create an action plan to drive meaningful change.

D&I Strategy Development

We offer engaging and interactive D&I training programs for employees at all levels of your organization from unconscious bias training to inclusive leadership development, our workshops and seminars empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to promote inclusion.

Organizational Assessments

Our assessments provide an in-depth analysis of your organization’s D&I strengths and areas for improvement. We evaluate your policies, practices, and processes, and identify barriers to inclusion. Our findings form the basis for targeted interventions.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Support

ERGs are crucial for fostering inclusion and creating a sense of belonging. We provide guidance on establishing and enhancing ERGs, helping them become influential drivers of positive change within your organization.

Cultural Competence Consulting

In today’s globalized world, cultural competence is vital for organizations to thrive. we offer consulting services to enhance your organization’s cultural competence, enabling effective collaboration and communication across diverse teams.

Measurement and Evaluation

We assist in designing and implementing metrics to track the progress of your D&I initiatives by measuring key performance indicators, we help you monitor the impact of your efforts and continuously refine your strategies.

Policy and Process Review

Our experts conduct a thorough review of your policies and processes to ensure they are inclusive and aligned with best practices. We provide recommendations for updates or changes that promote equity and fairness.

Accessibility Audit

At GiftAbled, we are dedicated to fostering diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in every aspect of your organization and offer comprehensive accessibility audits for both physical locations and websites, ensuring equal access for all.We provide reports detailing areas of non-compliance and potential accessibility issues.

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At GiftAbled, we believe that diversity is a strength and inclusion is a choice.