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2018 edition 1

Inclusion Times


Exclusive: In conversation with Jnanesh Kumar, Director of Employee Success, India | Salesforce


From Our D&I Leaders

Fearless to be ourselves

These stories and several others are, beyond many other things, a reflection of the fact that there is no one single definition of a woman…

Leveraging Diversity through Inclusion

'Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in workplaces has come into sharp focus in the last couple of years...

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Pride in Inclusion

There is no need to be afraid anymore, if you are queer, please talk to a friend.....

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Organizations and their Gen Readiness

Workplace dynamics are set to change sharply as generation X joins upper management.......

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Are the house husbands out there?

I’m curious to know about house husbands and I would like to meet someone out there.........

Diversity Hiring: The Common Pitfalls – Part 1

Recruitment is one of the most crucial decisions in a company irrespective of the industry or size...........

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In The News

Forget the ‘Business Case’ For Diversity And Inclusion
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‘Divyang’ during budget speech attracts disabled people’s flak
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Indian Government to make 900+ State Government websites Accessible
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Design for One Turns into Design for All

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