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• Disability Sensitivity sessions- covering 200 managers and 300 other employees.

• Sign Language training - 150 employees.

• Persons with Disability hired.


• Pride month celebrations - engaging300+ employees.

• 5 Transgender Awareness Session across 2 cities.

• Internal fun programs like selfie video contest became quite popular.


• I inspire – 203 stories received.

• Stree Swabhimaan - 9.13 Lakhs contributed by 733 employees to impact 1850 girls.

• Wellness sessions conducted – reaching 300+ employees across 6 sites

• Mothers Room were launched

• Awareness session on Creating safe spaces for women held- across 9 sites in 3 cities

• They Amaze series featuring 16+ SENIOR

• Footrests and Exclusive Car Parking facilities for pregnant employees

• Multiple lean in sessions with eminent HP leaders covering 400+ women employees


• 2 batches held covering 79 women employees.

  • 8.9 NPS score received from participants.

  • 54% of batch one and 9.5% of batch 2 (ongoing) experienced role change


• Launched the Young Employees Network in India with three significant pillars -Connect, Energize. Celebrate.

• 200+ ideas received under idea contest

 • Launch event covered 150+ employees.

 • HP Garage Challenge held with 5 teams building today’s HP garage to win this unique India initiative


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IBM took its efforts on Cross-constituency efforts &Intersectionalitya step further and organized an All-inclusive IBM Pride walk during its pride month.

The event brought together all diversity groups, allies, and leaders to celebrate "being yourself". The walk was also joined by employees from the security team, members of the Embassy group and allies from the neighboring companies. The slogans chanted were inspired from the LGBT pride walks like “I am Lesbian - that's OK, I am Bisexual - that's OK, I am Transgender - that's OK” and also expanded to include every identity such as “I am bipolar - that's OK, I use a wheelchair - that's OK, I am single - that's OK” ad the likes.

Attached are pictures of the All-inclusive IBM Pride walk.


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Intuit India held its 5th Intuit India Accessibility Summit 2018 at its Bangalore Office. This year’s summit was focussed on global opportunities and challenges

Some of the topics of discussion were

• Accessibility in Sports.

• Building Accessible Websites through Wordpress.

• Google Accessibility and the next Billion users.

• Autism: exploring new opportunities for employment and service.

• Accessibility Lifestyle in Tech Environment

Attended by 70 external participants from 20+ organizations, the summit saw attendees get insights into Accessibility - especially Tech accessibility. There was also great exchanges between participants in terms of Best Accessibility Practices which now could be implemented at one’s place of work
Another item of impact at the summit was the calling out of Action Items on how PPP collaboration could be a game-changer here in the field.