The Z Lingo Guide

While organizations are still getting used to the millennial wave at the workplace, a new generation of workforce is already entering the workplace – Generation Z. Although millennials constitute the largest population in the workforce today, there is now a lot of buzz around these newbies – also known as

•‘Gen Z’,.

•‘Meme Generation’,.


•‘The Kaleidoscope Kids’ .

•‘The Thumbies’, for the regular use of the thumb on smartphones.

To create a welcoming environment for Gen Z, may I present below a quick language guide:


Mind you, this is not your usual hot beverage that we are talking about. Tea simply means “Gossip” or “The real dirt”: “Hit me with the real tea!”


No, this is not an incomplete word! It means “What’s Up?”: “Suh, bro?”


Once again, not a Vitamin D beverage that accompanies the aforementioned hot beverage but associated with someone needs help. Next time you hear a Gen Z-er say, “Get them some milk”, know that they want to say ‘someone needs help’.


One of the most popular words used today. Get on to Instagram and you will see every other picture with “Lit” written all over. It simply means “Cool” / “Amazing” / “Crazy”: “Justin Bieber’s concert was lit.”


This is one word that gets several Grammar Nazis’ blood boiling. It does not mean to undo an insult or a cool way to say insult, but, is, in fact, an insult disguised as a compliment. Lots have been written about the millennials and Gen Z’s dry witty humor and this is one common example of that.

6.Cross Platforming.

Again, lots have been written about the millennials’ ability to multitask – juggling between work and personal lives. The Gen Zs have mastered the art of juggling between their various social media accounts and handles at the same moment in time. While the term “Cross-platform” has so far been used in connection with video / online gaming, it has today evolved to describe Gen Z’s use of social media.


While millennials have been constantly criticized for being attention seekers, Gen Zs have gone a step further and even come up with a new name for this behavior: “Thirsty”, which means when someone is trying too hard or comes off as extremely desperate in order to get someone’s attention.


“Extra” means trying too hard in a bad way or over the top. A perfect example of this at the workplace is when someone messages on messenger and calls on the desk phone at the same time – THAT, is so extra!

9. Canceled.

Usually, plans are canceled or membership or subscription is canceled, but when a Gen Zer says “Cancelled”, they mean they are done with someone; they have deleted someone and finished and blocked someone on social media.


Another commonly used word at the workplace, but with a twist brought about by these newbies. “Goals” are not just what you want to achieve at the workplace or on the personal front, but it’s a lifestyle you strive for.

About the Author: Abolee is a Diversity & Inclusion practitioner at BNY Mellon International Operations, India. If you have any queries regarding the above article, you can reach her at