The Right of Persons with Disability legislation paves a formal way to enforce accessibility in the virtual world of Websites, Mobile Apps and so on. However for Corporate Leadership it may still be a puzzle regarding, what it means to be accessible and how to ensure websites are accessible. Not only from the legal requirements but also from usability point of view.

What does Law say?

The National Commission shall, formulate regulations for the persons with disabilities laying down the standards of accessibility for the physical environment,transportation, information and communications, including appropriate technologies and systems, and other facilities and services provided to the public in urban and rural areas.

Why should Accessibility be a Priority?

Accessible websites or apps enable potential customers, including Persons with Disability and elderly to browse through the content or offerings. This increases the reach or market share by including even those groups which may be on the periphery or even outside of mainstream population.

Best Practices for Accessible Content:

Take note of following considerations as you build or enhance your virtual real estate:

  1. Encompass universal (inclusive) design principles from the beginning.
  2. Color should not be the only navigation tool to differentiate items.
  3. Include Alt descriptions in the markup/ code of images. As much as possible provide description near the image (caption or summaries next to the image).
  4. Text displayed through HTML and not images.
  5. Functionality should be accessible through mouse, keyboard and voice control.
  6. Provide transcripts/ sub-titles for audios for Hearing Impaired.
  7. Avoid screen flickering and scrolling text. Web users with reading and/ or cognitive disabilities and those using screen modifiers will struggle to keep up.

Web usability and accessibility go hand in hand for all stakeholders. We all have to go through phases in life when we may feel as if being left out; up’s down’s of life touch everyone. It is up to our friends, family and society at large to look after each other. So except for our ignorance in most cases and insensitivity there is no other reason for not being inclusive.
Please feel free to reach out to GiftAbled as you embark on this exciting journey to become Accessible!!