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True Consultancy

True consultancy is passionate about creating well engineered, tested and cost effective products for disability inclusion. TurnPlus, the first True Consultancy product is patent pending and enhances mobility for the People with Disabilities.

These products are standardized and available for order across India and Asian countries. Range of products for disability inclusion are in pipeline. Products for mobility like lightweight ramps, next generation of TurnPlus, products for home care etc.

multiple views of the ramp


RamPlusis high-quality, Anti-skid, heavy duty ramps that is made to last. It is a portable, easy to use solution that assists persons with Partial/Limited/Reduced Mobility navigate stairs and small elevation with ease.
They have a range of ramps that come in different sizes that can be used not just for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users but also for transfer of heavy material, delicate merchandise, pets into vehicles etc.

rotating car seat


TurnPlusis a swivel seat mechanism for the car passenger seat. It keeps original seat with all functions. The installation takes less than 4hrs at any location. It has a manual operation with no maintenance. You can Uninstall and move to another vehicle in under 6hrs. It Increases seat height by 55mm (2” approx.). It is well tested for Crash, Pull, Abuse Load, Cyclic Corrosion, and Climate Life Cycle.
TurnPlusis suitable for various medical conditions like osteoarthritis, paralytic/stroke, traumatic brain injury, pregnancy, backbone/knee/spine ailments, multiple sclerosis, issues related to old age, wheel chair users, etc.