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Project Swatantra - The Freedom

To empower 1000+ PwDs and their caretakers as
micro-entrepreneurs by 2020

India has 20+ crore People with Disability and less than 1% are meaningfully employed. Also, a majority of the Indian population even for PwDs, live in rural India and most, tend to fall back on their families for support or end up doing some meager jobs with almost negligible earnings.

GiftAbled aims to change this scenario, create mass livelihood opportunities such that PwDs earn a living such that they can live a life of dignity and self-esteem.


We aim to create sustainable mass livelihood opportunities not only for Persons with Disabilities, but also acid attack victims, transgender persons, underprivileged women, single mothers and caregivers of children with disabilities.


Project Swatantra- The Freedom, 

works towards achieving this goal of ours. We have two programs under the same.

Trains the trainers of our partner organizations in different skills and expertise so that they can inculcate the same amongst the beneficiaries.

We have conducted workshops like


Small Fridge Magnet making Workshop


Toy making Workshop

ImageBasket Weaving Workshop


Bag making Workshop

The objective of the program is to make individuals self reliant and enhance their employment rates. Through this program they would not only earn a living, but earn respect and make a name for themselves in the society.

Banana fiber fabric weaving Project

The focus of our upcoming projects is to create a sustainable environment for all. Going green has become a primary focus for all humanity to reduce the negative impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. In order to promote sustainable development and conserve the Mother Earth, it is important for us to deviate from our conventional ways of exploitation to satisfy our greed for more. It is important that we consider the alternative forms of resources which are more natural and eco-friendly.

Did you know that India

is the largest banana producer in the world  after Brazil. The fruit bunches and leaves of the banana plant are main source of  income, if it is used efficiently. Currently, we are running a pilot project in Thennamanallur a district in Coimbatore to uplift the lives of women and persons with disabilities by opening employment opportunities for them.

The banana fibre material is obtained through a mechanical process which will be operated by 2 individuals. Once the fibre is obtained,  it would be carefully tailored into usable and gifting products for business which are not only biodegradable and eco friendly but classy too.

We at GiftAbled are providing them with the major infrastructure, training the persons involved in the project, and helping them with marketing for the finished products. It is a great opportunity for enhancing the employment rates amongst these individuals.

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Wood carving Project in Bagalkot

Karnataka holds a prestigious place in the field of wood carving and it is evident as the ancient temples where wood was once used extensively is a proof of its beauty. The art of sandalwood carving has been practiced in Karnataka for almost a thousand years and it is world famous for its exquisite carved figurines with intricate details. Sandalwood artisans are mostly saturated in places like Mysore, Shimoga, Bengaluru and other parts of North Karnataka. This soft aromatic yet delicate wood can be carved with ease to create elegant masterpieces.

Since North Karnataka

is a hotspot for tourism, it has been observed that there is huge demand for the wooden artefacts and other handmade products like wall clock, jewellery box, toys, pen stand and lots more. Right now there are around 8000 individuals in Bagalkot aged between 18-35 years who are persons with disability and are actively looking for employment opportunities.

Just like the rest of the world, they also want to be independent and make a decent livelihood for themselves. Since they don’t want to depend on their families for a living, they are keen on making ends meet all by themselves! So, keeping that in mind, we have ideated and formulated a project to uplift their livelihood status. This project aims at creating employment avenues for individuals with disability whilst maintaining the sustainable development.  

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How you can be a part of this?

CSR Grants

Sponsor a program to train a spectrum of people with disabilities and then maybe the company can acquire the products crafted by PwD and help them in marketing it.

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