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Level-1: General Inclusion

Welcome to the Championship Challenge!

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Which of these would make a job advertisement disabled friendly?Image of a magnifier over one person among crowd and with word “Recruitment”)

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What are the important aspects of diversity in a workplace?people with and without disability

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Organization - A, heard a lot about Diverse and Inclusive teams. So, when they had to recruit for their Digital Marketing team they recruited five different freshers from different regions of the country. Currently, due to the pandemic situation the entire team is working from home only. After a few days, the manager realized all the team members are not connected to each other much and there are communication gaps reflecting in their work. The manager analyzed that as all five of them are new maybe they are having problems in starting the interaction. How to solve this problem?group of people doing different works

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"We are going to tie some beautiful balloons on the handrails along the staircase to decorate for the event tomorrow." How would you comment on this idea?Image of group of balloons in different colours

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When you believe your culture is best, you are Ethnocentric

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