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Disability Championship Game

Welcome to the Championship Challenge!

You have 10 Questions. Score 80% correct to receive prestigious Disability Championship Trophy.

Pull up your socks and Get.. Set..

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What is not an example of disability inclusion practices?

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Shouting at a deaf person will help them hear better

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Words such as wheelchair-bound, handicapped or special needs are acceptable to use.

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It’s always obvious when someone has a disability

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It is alright to use the terms ‘retarded’ or ‘mental’.

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Disability Inclusion benefits companies

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Hearing impairment is an example of physical/visible disability

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You are conversing with a person who has trouble speaking. You are only able to understand a few words and phrases. You should: 

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You don’t have to introduce yourself twice to someone who is blind because they have good memories and hearing ability and will remember you.

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How can individuals promote disability inclusion?

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