Events for International Day of Sign Language

Pick a word

  • In a bowl of folded chits of random words such as winter, summer, banana, grapes etc, each participant can choose a chit.

  • The word would then be taught by the accompanying deaf facilitator. If the participants are already acquainted with the basic words and sentence syntax, they can also attempt to make a sentence with the keyword being the word they chose.

  • The same can be done online with the hidden post it options which would reveal the word when clicked on.

Duration: 1 hour

Scenario based Learning and Roleplay in Sign Language

  • Participants would be given scenarios and then trained what to sign in those situations.

  • Depending on the interest or the departments of the company that need it, the scenarios can be customized.

  • Duration: 60 - 90 mins

Day with the Deaf

  • Post having the sign along or sign language crash course, the participants can be taken to spend a day in a deaf school or NGO to interact with the deaf children. It could also be done by getting the beneficiaries to the company.

  • The participants will learn more words through finger spelling and about the deaf culture. There could also be a goal given for the end of day, such as being given a sign name.

Duration: 4-6 hours

Sign Language Crash Course

  • A day of sensitization and learning sign language for abled school children to enable them to communicate with children with hearing impairment.

  • This is to promote more inclusion in schools. Eventually, it will help in getting more volunteers in these schools.

  • Connect with more colleges and approach them with internships, which would make it easier for getting more volunteers for future volunteering engagements.

Duration: 2 hours
Online Sign Language Quizzes

Online Sign Language Quizzes

  • Have quizzes online on our social media from the start of September, which would help in engaging the followers.

  • At the end of 24 hours or any other deadline, we can announce the winners of the quizzes on social media.

  • This is to prompt participants to learn basic sign language words and information about deaf culture etc through quizzes.

Duration: 5 mins everyday
Sign language along bus driver

Sign Along for Bus Drivers & Conductors

  • Sensitization and learning sign language for conductors and drivers is to promote inclusion in public transport for people with hearing and speech disorders. This way, there would be better understanding between them and the individuals they meet.

  • Additionally, the government department should also provide information and advice regarding any benefits and schemes that those with disabilities may avail to make their journey easier. This is integral to ensure that the transport system becomes more accessible for all.

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