Disability Sensitization Workshop For Senior Leaders

(Corporate VPs, Directors, D&I / HR / CSR Heads)

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Thursday, April 13th, 2023 


  Time: 09:30am - 12:30pm
Followed by Networking Over Lunch


nasscom Office, Ground Floor, Infinity Meeting Room, NOIDA

India is home to over 1.36 billion residents, over 2.2 percent of this population endures some form of severe mental or physical disability.In today’s progressive era, where integration and inclusion of all people is emphasized as the gateway toward sustainable development, targeted measures for the health and wellbeing of People with Disabilities is becoming more indispensable.Yet, less than 1 per cent of People with Disability are meaningfully employed across sectors.The solution we believe, is to create more employment opportunities by equipping organizations with the skills they need to hire, and meaningfully engage PwDs.

GiftAbled in collaboration with nasscom foundation are pleased to invite you to a workshop which focuses on building a disability confident organization.

The objective of the workshop is to alter mindsets, address fears, confusion, break stereotypes, and bust myths about people with disability. What the workshop will cover:

  • Delve into the myths which associates with disability
  • Do’s and Don’ts when interacting with People with Disability
  • An introduction to sign language
  • Explore the Global Landscape of Disability Community – Social, Legal and Cultural aspects
  • Cross culture -Sharing best practices

Key Takeaways:

  1. Become a Disability Confident Leader/ Influencer
  2. Understand Meaningful Employee Engagements & Get Actionable Insights
  3. Simulate major disabilities including visual impairment and hearing impairment
  4. Nurturing diversity and Inclusion at workspace
  5. Understanding GiftAbled Inclusion Framework
  6. Principles of building Diversified workforce and Inclusive workplace
  7. Appropriate language and terminology relating to disability
  8. Removing barriers to employment of People with Disabilities

Activity based Interactive Learning’s along with case studies, real life stories and scenario-based learning.

In case of any queries, please reach out to krishna.kumar@giftabled.org or samuel.mammen@giftabled.org

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    What Our Corporate Partners Say About Us!

    BIG THANKS to GiftAbled team…. With your help we have embarked on the journey to embrace People with Disabilities into our organisation. The sensitisation training was attended by more than 200 plus people managers today and am still getting goosebumps seeing the responses from them. They just loved it and learnt from it. As always your energy was very infectious and left us wanting more!!!

    It was definitely Awesome. Everyone were so engaged. I have not seen such active participation in such a large group. I have started getting messages from people enquiring about this initiative…. Thanks a lot Prarthana. We will start engaging with GiftAbled for hiring. Thank you. Will have more and more engagement with team GiftAbled.

    It was great to be on the session. Quite engaging, loved the energy you displayed and you drove from the participants. The relatable stories you shared conveyed the message well and simplified the learning. Sometimes these sessions create toll on emotions but with your facilitation style, you drove the point, helped balance between emotions and the reality… Thank you team GiftAbled.

    Thank You for spending this morning with us at LinkedIn and helping us with rethinking some of the beliefs we had with PwD. It was indeed a great learning experience for all of us and will only strengthen our commitment on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. We have already received some great feedback on the workshop from our team members and I am sure we are very well placed on being more mindful of some the facts shared in the workshop. Thank you again for the great workshop. We hope to see you all again soon. 

    There are many memorable experiences in one’s life that stay in their minds long after the event has passed and there are a precious few that go beyond and touches your core, teaches you life lessons and leaves a lasting impact on you in the process. The workshop checked all these boxes for me. Wanted to therefore thank you for the learning that I took away and the impact it had on me.

    I can’t express how privileged are we to have you mentor us. The training was phenomenal and we are still getting rave reviews on it. The sensitisation has started and will build on it now… Thank you.