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CISCO Level-2: Assistive Technology

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The following is a list of experiences of people with physical disabilities except ...

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For those who are unable to use a standard keyboard, they need ...

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In some environments, screen reader is a text-to-speech application that can be used in ...

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A person who is deaf is present at a meeting with their interpreter. Who should you look at while communicating?

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Assistive Technology is meant to ...

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The purpose of the screen magnifier is to ...

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Assistive technology is any device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges/disabilities.

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Pressing Command + Option + W simultaneously allows all windows to be closed. This statement is an example of ...

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What is the full form of AAC?

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Assistive Technology is defined as any piece of equipment that improves the __________ of a person with a disability.

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