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A Virtual Exhibition of Assistive Technology

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Virtual Exhibition of Assistive Technology

Walk in to our exclusive Virtual Rooms to explore some of the best assistive technology devices from across the country that will bridge the gap between ability and disability.

Introduction to all Exhibitors from 2.30pm IST to 3pm IST

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Individual Demo sessions - 3pm IST to 5pm IST (15 mins per demo)


Showcase Zone

Know all about Microsoft's accessibility solutions.

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car seat rotation

Truce Consultancy


A swivel seat mechanism for the car passenger seat. It keeps original seat with all functions. The installation takesless than 4hrs at any location.

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A braille device

Thinkerbell Labs


The world's first Braille literacy device. Annie teaches visually impaired students to read, write, and type in Braille via interactive audio-guided lessons in their local medium of instruction.

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People with visual impairment using kibo device

Trestle Labs

Kibo XS Device

Kibo XS device enables a person with blindness to read printed and handwritten text in real time. It is one of first product of its kind as it supports most of the Indian Languages. Kibo is created with keeping the principles accessibility, inclusion and universal design in mind.

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Avaz inc

Avaz AAC App

The app is robust and allows picture-based and text-based communication.

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girl standing with flexmo crutches

Flexmotiv Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Flexmo Axillary crutches

A design improvement of the traditional crutch crafted to improve the mobility of a person using crutches. It is the world’s first self-standing crutch. By using specially crafted metal flexures based tip design, the Flexmo crutch substantially improves the stability and mobility of a patient while keeping the cost low. It also incorporates smart techniques to keep energy usage low.

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jellow app

Jellow - IDC IIT Bombay

JELLOW Communicator – AAC

The app is used by individual having difficulty with speech or learning to speak such as those with Autism, Cerebral Palsy or Down syndrome.

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BeAble Health


An interactive arm training rehabilitative device. The product is aimed towards neuro-rehabilitation of Stroke victims and motor rehabilitation of victims with upper limb

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ScreenPlay app

Kidaura Innovations


Kidaura has designed a digital-based screening tool called ScreenPlay, that identifies children who may have a potential risk to autism or any other condition in the age group of 3-6 years. ScreenPlay consists of a set of tablet-based games that assesses the child’s true ability.

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a device with screen reading software


JAWS & Magic Software, Video Magnifiers & Braille Devices

for the Blind & Low Vision
Access to Computers
Access to the Print World
Production of Braille Materials

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nimaya products

Nimaya Robotics


A comprehensive program that helps children with ASD or multiple disabilities to learn psychomotor and cognitive skills using Active Learning principles.

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multi sensory learning device


Multi-Sensory Early Learning Technology

We develop products including textured, tactile books, flashcards, games, puzzles and a mobile app that uses image processing to augment audio interactions and games onto the books and cards. When touch, sound and vision come together, it makes for great and accelerated learning experiences for all children, irrespective of disability.

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Voice Prosthesis device

Innaumation Medical Devices Pvt Ltd

AUM Voice box

Voice Prosthesis at a very affordable price for throat cancer patients who lose their voice box after 3rd and 4th stage of cancer.

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