Creating Accessible Spaces

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"200+ million Persons with Disability in India,
Less than 1% meaning-fully employed across sectors"



  • Universal design means the design of products, environments, programmes and services be usable by all people.

Lack of adequate facilities has acted as a big roadblock to Person with Disabilities than disability itself. This has resulted in a section of people not being able to interact with the environment and therefore make valuable contributions to the society.

We at GiftAbled, help make your spaces accessible. Given our knowledge and experience in the making environments accessible, we sure can conduct a thorough audit and ensure that the built environment is compliant with mandated Government Guidelines and Space standards for Barrier Free Environment for Persons with Disabilities” and RPwD Act, 2016”.

Developers and building owners need to be confident that properties and other assets are not only commercially successful, but meet their obligations – legal, social and moral. By considering inclusive design early on, then throughout the development process, we can future proof, reducing the need for retrofit or redesign at later stages.

International best practices are compared with the guidelines to give a ready reference for design standards applicable across the world.


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