Our Trustees

Prateek Kaul

Co-Founder and Trustee

Prateek Kaul is Supplier Diversity and ​Accessibility Evangelist. He is co-founder of ​GiftAbled, a leading social enterprise in the space ​of Disability & Inclusion. The focus of his work in ​recent years has been around livelihood ​sustenance of People with Disability–engagement ​of millions of People with Disability productively ​through self-employment. Prateek believes that ​empowering the physically and the intellectually ​challenged to work from their own sheltered ​environment, irrespective of an urban or rural ​setting is the way to achieve economic inclusion. ​GiftAbled, shares and supports best practices in ​corporate houses to implement inclusive ​procurement.

• Prateek is India Inclusion Fellow, IIS 2017.
• Recognized by Hand in Hand with Best Social ​Entrepreneur Award, 2018.
• Recognized by IIM Calcutta for Tata Social Enterprise ​Challenge as Top 3 social enterprise in the country

Prarthana Kaul

Co-Founder and Managing Trustee

Mrs. Prarthana Prateek Kaul , as Co-Founder of ​GiftAbled, a renowned social enterprise dedicated ​to fostering an inclusive society, has significantly ​impacted the lives of thousands of Individuals ​with Disabilities and the under privileged across ​India. Through initiatives such as Supply Chain ​Diversity,LearnAbled, EmployAblitlity, Audits, ​Meaningful Employee Engagements,Immersive ​Tranings, she has facilitated sustainable ​livelihoods for numerous individuals. With a ​background in companies like IBM and ​iVolunteer, Prarthana brings a wealth of ​experience in cause marketing, motivational ​training, and disability inclusion consulting to ​multinational organizations.

Additionally, Prarthana has contributed her ​expertise as a board member of non-profit ​organizations like Om Ashram and as a life skills ​trainer for students at Cheshire Homes. She has ​led workshops for corporate giants like ​Accenture,Amadeus, Capgemini, Cisco, Fujitsu, ​Google, IBM, Intuit, Intel, LinkedIn, ​Microsoft,Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Shell, Telstra, ​UBS, Visa, Vijaya Bank and Walmart to name a ​few, advocating for diversity and inclusion in the ​workplace.

Ravi Valdiya


Ravi Valdiya is a freelance Photographer with an ​engineering education and experience of more ​than a decade in the corporate sector. During his ​job, he started volunteering for various causes ​with different NGOs in Bangalore. At that time, ​Ravi realized the effectiveness of photography to ​raise social awareness and thus started using his ​hobby of Photography to capture stories ​conveying social issues.

At Present Ravi has volunteering experience ​close to 15 years with around 15+ organizations ​working for different causes. Ravi is also a ​Photography trainer and has been conducting ​Photography workshops for students with ​Hearing Impairment, he is also one of the trainers ​at Eka educational and charitable trust teaching ​photography to the kids with learning and ​developmental delays.

Asha Shetty


Asha Shetty is a business planning analyst ​working at IBM with experience of over 15 years. ​She started volunteering 15 years ago at different ​NGOs in Bangalore working for various causes ​specially visual impairment. She has also worked ​on Kannada translations for different NGOs and ​fund raising campaigns. She has 10 years of ​international experience working in Singapore ​and comes with a rich knowledge on the social ​sector there.

Mrinal Kumar


Mrinal Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of Sri ​Sapthagiri PU College, Tumkur. After graduating ​in Telecommunication Engg, he worked for 3 ​multinational IT companies over 9 years but with ​an intention to better guide the upcoming ​generation and innovate better education ​models, he resigned and shifted to Tumkur and ​joined Sapthagiri college as it’s Management. ​Mrinal and his wife, Archana have truly re-​engineered and revolutionized PU education in ​the last 8 years. Joining this college when it was ​at the brink of closure, today, Sapthagiri is the ​most respectable college in the district and is ​even producing multiple State Ranks year-on-​year.