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"200+ million Persons with Disability in India,
Less than 1% meaning-fully employed across sectors"


  • Common appointments includebusiness meetings, annual conclaves, townhalls, employee orientations, emergency drills, doctor’s appointments, trials, parent/teacher conferences, events and exhibitions, and more.

The best we can serve the Deaf community is by providing the best interpreting services and being a part of the community. A Sign Language interpreter is required by organizations in order to adequately communicate with persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Interpretations help organizations provide equal access to services and institutions for all.

GiftAbled assits you in making your next meet an Inclusive one.

Our commitment to providing businesses, educational institutions, medical providers, and civic & cultural events with extraordinary interpreting services is marked by an experience that is easy, comfortable and positive for all involved.

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There are about 10 million deaf persons in India and a lot more with some kind of hearing loss. And, only about 250 certified sign language interpreters.

Take a Step today. Learn a new Language. Learn Sign Language.

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  • Thanks much and have an awesome week everyone:) :)..
    Zeeshan Ramlan
    Engagement Leader - Intuit Global
  • I have had the privilege to work with Giftabled – an organization that cares for persons with disabilities. The work Giftabled is doing in the PwD space is commendable. Their ability to conduct sensitization programs, meaningful social interventions and driving Employer summit is remarkable. The NGO passionately run by Prarthana and Prateek is a true example for service with humility. They would never propose an initiative without a need on the ground. May you tribe increase!..
    Viswa Anapindi
    Sr. Manager - Business Operations -McAfee
  • It is truly our pleasure working with such a great organization like “Giftabled’, your constant penchant for giving back to the community where we belong to is laudable. In whatever time that we had close interaction with your org(we wish to continue further though) in the activities like 1.Workshops on disability sensitization programs for leadership teams 2.Providing hearing aids to the rural poor from Northern Karnataka 3.Making tactile books for the visually impaired library You left an indelible mark on our employee community and made us believe that we can do a lot better with whatever little we have. Also the phrase “we are temporarily abled” is thought-provoking and teaches us the philosophy of life. Coming to the team “Gift abled”, has a bunch of supercharged youngsters who have left their attractive careers with top-notch companies including many MNCs and lead the Org with passion. I have no doubt that humanity needs people like you, may your tribe grow..
    Nitika Goel
    Chief Marketing Officer-Zinnov
  • Amazing session. Hugely interactive & a great learning experience. What I am taking from this workshop is not going to be forgotten in a hurry.
    Shubha Raina
    Senior Manager Human Resources - Godrej Properties Limited
  • Awesome workshop. Well designed & Insightful
    Shiva Prasad Bebarta
    General Manager - UBS
  • Very interactive & an interesting session – never a dull moment
    Rohinton Kanga
    Assistant General Manager - Tata Consultancy Services

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