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High5 2025

India has less than 1% of organised workforce with disability. The primary reason is mismatch in the skill set required by Corporate’s and available talent pool with Disability.

High 5 program is to work on long term solutions to correct this situation. We will work with stakeholders across the spectrum to create pipeline of candidates with disability in right skill set.

The mission of GiftAbled is to increase the workforce with disability from 1% to 5% by 2025.

Opportunity/ Problems


-Less than 1% PwD’s meaningfully employed in Organised sector

-No opportunities for People with Intellectual and Learning Disability

-Organisation is not Disabled Friendly

Approach/ Solution


-Power of Inclusion- 5% of the workforce to be Persons with Disabilities

-Proactively engage and create positions

-Implement Digital and Infra Accessibility practices

-Embrace Disabled Friendly Policies and Practices

High5 - 5 Practices

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