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Times Up!

MiQ Inclusion Champions Disability Level- 1

Welcome to the Championship Challenge!

You have 3 levels. Every level you win, you receive a Championship Badge. The fastest player to receive all 3 Prestigious Badges will be the The Inclusion Championship Leader!

You need to score 100% correct to Level Up.

Pull up your socks and Get.. Set..

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It is alright to use the terms ‘retarded’ or ‘mental’.

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What is not an example of disability inclusion practices?

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It’s always obvious when someone has a disability

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You are conversing with a person who has trouble speaking. You are only able to understand a few words and phrases. You should: 

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How can individuals promote disability inclusion?

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Which of these is an example of an effective way to aid children's learning with Dyslexia?

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What is the sentence she is signing?

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Which of the following interventions are used to help Persons with Autism?

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Which of the following country has the highest percentage of Persons with Autism?

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Which of the following movie is about autism?

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