Join Us in Celebrating February as Low Vision Awareness Month

In February, as we spotlight Low Vision Awareness, we’re all about embracing differences and making everyone feel included.

Here's a glimpse of what we have planned:

🌐Embracing Inclusivity

Join us for engaging sessions designed for the visually impaired community!

👁‍🗨Braille Brilliance:

 Explore the world of Braille in an interactive session that celebrates the richness of tactile communication. Enhance your understanding and appreciation for this vital skill.

🤲 Inclusion Matters:

We will launch mass awareness campaigns and initiatives leading up to IDPD to ignite conversations about disability inclusion, break down stereotypes, and promote understanding through events such as Disability and tech Demo Zones, Inclusion Hunt, Multilevel Virtual Games, Impact Hackathon and more.

🌈 Blindfolded Insight:

 Experience a unique perspective with our blindfold activity.

🏢 Making Workplace Inclusive:

Discover practical strategies for making workplaces more inclusive. 

By collaborating with us for Low vision Awareness 2024, your organization will:

Promote Inclusivity

Raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity and equal access for people with disabilities in education, employment,healthcare,and public services.

Advocate for Rights

 Advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities, emphasizing the need for legal protections, anti-discrimination measures, and equal opportunities.

Educate Yourself

 Take the time to learn more about the challenges faced by people with disabilities and the importance of inclusivity.

Foster Empowerment

Empower persons with disabilities to be active participants in society by providing them with the tools and support they need to achieve their goals.


Celebrating Achievements: Recognize the remarkable achievements and contributions of people with disabilities in various fields, from sports to arts, science, and beyond.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Let’s work together to make a difference. Your involvement can be tailored to suit your organization’s unique needs, from event sponsorship to active participation in our workshops and job fair. Please reach out to us to explore the possibilities and discuss a customized partnership proposal.

The partners we work with are leading the way, creating an INCLUSIVE WORKFORCE. Here are few of them!