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Making Education Inclusive for Children with Disability

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Education for Children with Disabilities

GiftAbled inclusive and Integrated Education Programme is to enable every child with disability to exercise their right through access to appropriate and mainstream education.

The approach will be to adapt best practices to reach out to all children in schools through building the capacities of teachers to be multi-abled with wide range of disabilities along with non-disabled children.


1. To ensure retention of existing disabled students and to improve enrolment of out of school disabled children,
2. To enhance the capacities of teachers to teach children with disabilities
3. To introduce distance/online learning to children with mobility issues and
4. To build a strong and sustainable relationship with the government for infrastructuralrequirements and other schemes.


Tactile Library

Tactile books represent a set of graphics, figures and designs that a visually impaired student can learn from easily by feeling. Hence, it is important to set up libraries with various books for students to learn from. We aim to reach such books to the rural parts of India by encouraging this advancement in learning. This will serve thousands of children and adults to understand the world around them better.

Our organisation started setting up Tactile Libraries last year, and the effort has continued and spread. We have set up around 15-20 tactile libraries so far across Karnataka. This effort benefited over 800-1000 visually Impaired learners.

CSR Grants: Company CSR can take up the project of creating awareness among 1000, where they can cover all the aspects of education from perspective of children with disability.

Volunteer participation: Women volunteers can participate and conduct sessions AND OTHER ACTIVITY BASED FUN LEARNING PROGRAMS TO GIVE SOMETHING BACK YOU THE SOCIETY YOU CAME FROM.

To impact through CSR Partnerships: Download Concept Note