Sometime back for writing blogs, I was wasting time searching on the Internet for traveling across the world with a wheelchair, when I came across a travel blog written by a guy who traveled the world in a wheelchair. I read his blog which was quite amazing and inspiring for a change.

For me, it’s quite self-motivating when I read blogs of people who don’t let their limitations hold them back. I love it when people say “I can instead of I can’t the common myth. It embodies the ongoing theme on this blog This made me write a blog for those who are in a similar situation to make it happen.

For years wheelchair users have been treated like third class citizens, especially when it comes to traveling. It had reached the point where a lot of people felt trapped in their homes or dependent others with their over pampered care and attention. Travel was tricky with those who uses the wheelchair with airlines, buses, trains and taxis making little effort to make those transport accessible when dealing with a wheelchair user.

The government has put strict regulation for public places such as hotels, taxis etc which are all bound by strict rules and guidelines with regards to providing access, facilities and equal opportunities to wheelchair users whereas it’s facing that one rarely get to see wheelchair users in most of such places.

The wheelchair users are now finding ways to travel defying odds and roadblock, whilst cost is obviously an issue, It can be time to consume and technically difficult to access some places, which reminds us that lot more need to be done.

  1. Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead:
    I hear all the time that particular place is not accessible, or that place has poor accessibility, while the truth is that the more you research you do, the more accessible your trip will be. You trip don’t have to be a nightmare, do your homework much in advance. Doing proper research helps your trip will make it filled fully accessible hotel accommodation, accessible routes, and wonderful travel experiences.
  2. Stay in the most accessible part of the city or town:
    This can be challenging at times, you might be able to find a great awesome accessible hotel, but the places surrounding the hotel might not be accessible. You need to ask this questions, Are there hills and stairs in all directions? Are there accessible restaurants in the same area? Are the shops nearby accessible? If you don’t check it, you might be stuck in the hotel throughout your vacation.
  3. Always have a backup plan:
    At times on a perfect planned vacation, things can go wrong at times. If it does, how will you deal with it? It’s always better to travel with someone who can help you during the trip, and remain flexible, and help you deal with unexpected turn of events. Apart from that, there should be plans to deal with certain other issues, what will you do If a part of your wheelchair breaks? What if you are stuck due to flight or train delay? With backup plans, you would be able to put your vacations on hold.
  4. Enjoy your trip:
    Now, you have done with enough planning to make sure that things don’t go wrong and have relied on enough homework to make your trip turns out to be a memorable experience. Now, it’ time to enjoy your trip. Yes, wonderful experiences await you.

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