Are the house husbands out there?

I'm curious to know about househusbands and I would like to meet someone out there. We haven't discussed this topic in a while or I haven't read articles on this in a while. This generation and the future ones might see robots doing most of the household work so, maybe the decline in the discussion. I am just guessing.

I'm not one. But, I do support my wife at home. I try to do about 50% of the chores at home. There is so much more joy now that we have a baby, but, it gets difficult at times so, we try to split our work -50/50. I must say I have a compassionate and caring wife and she is at home on a break from paid work to take care of the baby. So, it is really 50 from my side? I doubt that.

I wish men were sharers of household work and not merely helpers. Gender inequality, cultural women, are some topics to discuss. I was reading a Facebook post by Sriram, Founder of Nalandaway Foundation who wrote on what if men chose to not be a breadwinner. The responses were quite expected, not fair.

Let us be caring partners– whether married or single, in a relationship or open, let us learn to support the women in our lives -Mothers, sisters, partners, wives...

Parents, it’s about time we teach our children to support our parents with everyday chores. Let us open a whole new world to them where they learn the importance of household work and enjoy the gift of sharing and supporting. This might just bring the much needed positive influence in the upcoming generation. Changes in school syllabus, policy changes by the government etc, are major areas that need to be looked at but, we are not there yet. Let's hope for a better future making the move with simple, humble beginnings. Let's start from each individual reading this.

About the author – BezaleelAzariah is a CSR & Sustainability professional. He feels strongly about gender parity and each day does his bit towards the same. You can reach him at