Wall Of Hope

Hopes that turned into wishes!! Yes! Time to fulfill those little wishes. Time to bring a change in someone’s life!

Have you ever felt great watching an inspirational video on YouTube and thought maybe someday I will do it and you just click a like button and continued doing your work?? Have you ever crossed a road with visually challenged person to see how much he feels happy and confident about someone caring for him while he crosses road?? Have you ever seen homeless person infectious smile conveying a thank you when you just gave a shirt? Well, all of them are just small gestures which you never notice in day to day life but they do exist. They mean the world for someone in need. So, friends here is an opportunity to fulfill someone’s wish, someone’s materialistic desire, someone’s smile, someone’s humility be the reason behind those beautiful smiles.

Let us make dreams come true and restore hope for one person at a time. Besides changing a person’s life and adding value to it, it may just end up changing yours!

Wall of Hope is all about fulfilling wishes of Differently Abled by people who all willing to give selflessly to make the community better. A place where people with disabilities can put up their heart’s most wanted desires, no matter how big or small and we can help fulfill them to the best of our capacity. This project gives people a chance to contribute in some way to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

Wishes to be fulfilled - Please contribute below

Wishes Fulfilled