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Inclusion Matters

Disability Sensitization Workshops for Corporate

Intro to Braille and Sign Language Workshop

Tactile Making Workshops

These workshops are made to design tactile materials which introduces visually impaired children and adults to stories and everyday objects by way of tactile story books and charts which are dynamic in nature, giving them a thorough understanding of things that sighted people often take for granted such as computers, phones, train stations etc.

Soft Skill/ Customized Workshops

Other Services that we offer:

Scenario Based Training/ Case Studies

Focusing on Problem Statements, Kinds of Approach – Level 2

  • Beginners Level
  • Advanced Level
Sign Language Workshop
  • Basic
  • Advanced Level (with Interpretation)
  • Sign Language Interpretation

Technical Training for People with Disability

Inclusion Sensitization- LGBT

Inclusion Sensitization- Multi-Generation

Online Training/ Webinar/ E-Learning

Disability Sensitization Workshops

Disability sensitization workshop helps to understand different needs and how to tackle them. It makes your organization an inclusive place and drives more efficiency productivity and well being of employees and communities involved. It will also help you to create an environment where people treat each other with respect and consideration. Workshop Includes:
• Introduction to different types of disabilities.
• Right language and terminology
• Disability Etiquette (Behavior towards People with Disabilities)
• Equal treatment to all the people (no  discrimination towards disabled)
• Reasonable accommodation and support (train some of the staff to communicate with People with Disabilities)
• Inclusive practices and legislation any specific law that pertains to specific industries) Workshops are conducted using group role,play model which helps the trainees to better understand the needs of People with Disabilities. Workshops are also tailor made to suit the requirement of the organization.

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