See the world through Touch

Imagine the life experience of a child with no vision. How their everyday life would been? Children with vision can connect their imagination with what they have already seen. What about a child with no vision?

Visually impaired children and adults remain disconnected with the outside world as braille books aren’t as dynamic and diverse as normal books. While Technology has made it possible for adults to use many electronic gadgets, but still several functions remains out of touch for them.

Tactile books makes it easier for them to learn the visual way of representing these things. We hope that in future, it would be possible for them to learn symbols, and probably decipher a tactile map of India. We need to make sure that during the initial stage, tactile illustrations need to be very simple and easy to recognize.

What is tactile?

A tactile Representation is a pictorial representation made which can be read with your fingers. The main principle is that the pictures should be simple and the structures must be perceptible. Basically, tactile picture books communicate information through touch.

What is our objective of this project?

Our aim is to reach out to visually impaired Children and Adults, where we aim to provide them a more accurate idea of the world and things around them.

What is our future plan?

We at GiftAbled aims to set up tactile libraries at different rural parts of the country.

How can you be a part of tactile project?

  • Sponsoring a Library
  • Volunteering to make tactile books