About Us

GiftAbled is a Social Enterprise which works closely with children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Our aim is to create opportunities and transform the lives of People with Disabilities. We believe in the immeasurable value of the human spirit and provide a platform that encourages talents of artisans with disabilities, celebrate their success and help them earn a livelihood with dignity and self-esteem.


Sometimes we don’t encounter problems, rather problems find some of us who have the vision and a resolve to make the world a better place. Something similar happened when Prateek and Prarthana working on an event with visually impaired kids had to struggle in order to arrange apt gifts for them. That moment of realization and a vision to bridge this gap, led to this initiative known as the GiftAbled Foundation.

Our Mission

There is a need for market players which cater to all, which provide equal options for abled and differently abled people.GiftAbled is a platform that provides a marketplace for the products made by and for differently-abled, in turn supporting livelihood of People with Disability.

Our Vision

GiftAbled is a Social Enterprise which works in the space of disability.GiftAbled strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to come together to build a sensitized and disabled friendly society.


GiftAbled is a platform to connect all different Non-profits across the country to sell their products and services. The purpose is to sustain and generate livelihood for marginalized section of society. It also provides avenue for our Guests to shop for high quality Indian made products from any corner of the country without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Creating Inspiring Transforming… A Platform Challenging Perceptions of Disability!

Disability Can Meet Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime! It is not that one is Normal and someone else is disabled. All are infact TAB (Temporarily Abled Bodies) and we all have abilities and disabilities in us… It is not something that happens to “Others” It is just about our misconceptions and our attitude.