LGBT- Cover Pride March & GiftAbled activities ( November 26 2017)

Tactile workshop during Namma Pride

Namma Pride’ accessibility team organized tactile workshop in collaboration with GiftAbled Foundation and iVolunteer. The event helped to create awareness among the participants to understand the pains and struggles of a Person with Disability.  The main aim of the event was to connect LGBT community with the disabled community, as they are equally marginalized and neglected.

During the event participants crafted tactile mazes and puzzles with strings, beads and colourful sponge paper. The goal was to create tactile figures for the visually impaired that can be sensed through touch.

The event commenced with an Intro to Sign Language alphabets and getting to know how to sign names.

GiftAbled Foundation with the help of volunteers converts poems and stories into tactile versions.

Visually impaired children find it difficult to visualize the real world. Tactile library is an initiative that brings stories and rhymes to life. We are happy to be associated with Namma Pride this year,” Deekshitha, Program Manager, GiftAbled.

In 2016, Namma Pride Bengaluru held its first disability-friendly march. The organizers had arranged for a sign interpreter and had collaborated with KickStart cabs — a cab service specifically for wheel chair users and senior citizens – which made commute easy for people with disability. The initiative was a great start and indeed successful.

The accessibility team has created videos to educate both the communities about the world of the other. Continuing last year’s commitment, Namma Pride 2017 continues to be accessible to persons with disabilities.

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