How lack of Infrastructure keeps PWD away from Corporate Space

How lack of Infrastructure keeps Persons with Disability away from Corporate Space?

Disability is a broader term and encompasses people with limited mobility, activity limitation or hearing and vision impairment. As per Census 2011, nearly 2.68 crore people in India are disabled. Sometime back organizations used to blindly reject applications from a Person with Disability, irrespective of the person being well qualified for the job. Times have changed, there are organizations willing to accept and accommodate Disabled Person, but many of these place lack adequate infrastructure to support their special needs, which often act as a hindrance for corporate companies to recruit them.

Recruiters have noticed that the mental qualities that make a good computer programmer resemble those that might get you with Disability; an obsessive interest in narrow subjects, a passion for numbers, patterns and machines are the enough to be check listed for hiring a Person over his/her disability. Online helps you communicate without the ordeal of meeting people, which life easier for a Person with Disability.

So these days no serious organization can prosper without them. People with disabilities are like those bright shining stars that illuminate the dark sky. It is to the discretion of the companies whether they want to include these people and let their stars shine bright or squander away this golden opportunity.

Focus on use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to ensure differently abled lead an inclusive life, has stolen the attention from the real difficulties they face from the physical barriers. This is significant from the representations they have time and again made demanding a barrier-free environment.

Nothing has dampened the spirit of PwDs from perusing a career in corporate company, but many of the places have to provide proper infrastructure has acted as a bigger roadblock than their condition itself and have prevented them from making valuable contributions to the society. When a recruiter shows open mindful enough to hire a PwD, the organization itself has to prepare for the initiative, If not it will not give the desired results. There should be provision of compatible toilets with grab bars, audio announcements, Braille prints on the lift, wheelchair facility and ramp for it’s access, graphic sign boards.

Disabled people frequently have unusually high productivity. They can focus on repetitive tasks that might be boring to other workers. Britain’s spy centre, GCHQ, eagerly recruits people with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. They can easily spot patterns and this can make them code-crackers. So they definitely have talents but to show them they must first get the job, for that to work the organizations should be willing to infrastructural changes to accommodate them. If changes are not incorporated, it will definitely keep People With Disabilities away from the organization.

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